New Year, More Goals, What to do?

I just got finished reviewing a great picture book by award winning author Jo Linsdell and it got me to thinking and evaluating my own writing for the first month of the New Year. I discovered several things, none of them make me proud.

  • I am not productive enough
  • I have not polished a piece for January
  • My writing goals are tooooooo broad
  • I have tooooooooo many interests that are keeping me from being productive with any one of them.
  • I need to make some serious changes to make a difference in 2013.
Where do I start?

Well, first of all in my defense I have opened a small fabric shop in our tourist town ( one of my passions) and my productivity has been directed into the shop since November. Secondly, I have lost my mother in law this past week and I am still working nights as a nurse. Excuses aside, I still want to write and publish, my list of publishing dreams has actually grown. So back to where do I start?

I am using the super-bowl time to re-write my 2013 writing goals, THREE main goals for 2013 instead of the seven I originally made.

I am making a list of ACTION steps for each goal. My actions need to produce more writing, market the writing I have done, submit new writing, or revise the writing I want to submit, or someway impact the three main writing goals I have made.

And I have made a calendar with time frames for my goals. I have joined 12 x 12, an online writing group with help for those interested in writing for children especially picture books. And I am organizing a better way to keep notes and activity lists.... Spiral notebook right by my computer. ( A great suggestion from Suzanne Lieurance, writing coach and author)

So back to blogging more often and hoping my target audience will help me to keep on track. Where are you with your New Year goals? Who keeps you accountable?


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