Welcome to Writing Picture Books - A Group of Critque Partners and Authors

Welcome to our site. We are a group of writers who love to write picture books. We are also part of a closed critique group for picture book authors. Exciting to be sure. And it is safe to say that we love kids, love writing for kids, and love watching kids enjoy a good story while they learn and are entertained along the way.

We will take turns posting interesting information about picture books, how and what makes a picture book great, how to get published in this genre, and any other fun and helpful tidbits of information that we know or are learning. Our goal is to inspire others who write PB and gather new writer friends who may want to learn and write stories for children. And we won't mind a bit if we gather a publisher or agent or two as well.

Each of us here will share a bit about our personal story and why and how we write. Come along and join the fun. You will be sure to find something helpful to use on your writing journey and by commenting we can learn from you. Feel free to leave your blog or website address in your comments so we can link to you and cruise on over and check out your work.


  1. Wow, kindred spirits!! :-)

    Here is my blog page www.TDeniseClaryBooks.blogspot.com

    T Denise Clary

  2. Thanks for sharing, we will check it out and follow. Thanks for stopping by.


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